Article Petition Created To Have Anime Matsuri Bring Back Vic Mignogna As Guest

June 11, 2020
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With Anime Matsuri 2020 just a few months away, a petition has been created to have anime voice actor Vic Mignogna invited back as a guest this year. Anime Matsuri is an anime and Japanese pop culture convention held annually in Houston, Texas. This year's event was rescheduled from July to August 20th - 23rd.

So far, close to two thousand fans have signed the petition titled Anime Matsuri: We the Fans want Vic Mignogna back as a guest for 2020 since its creation just two ago. Mr. Mignogna is best known for voicing characters such as Broly in the Dragon Ball series and Edward Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

He was accused of sexual misconduct early last year by fellow voice actors which led to his termination from animation studios Funimations and Rooster Teeth alongside several conventions. However, his accusers' stories continue to change as the lawsuit brought against them pushes on. The community supported GoFundMe setup for Mr. Mignogna's lawsuit currently sits at a whopping $281,466.

The community petition for Anime Matsuri reads,

Anime Matsuri,

For many years, you have served the anime community in Houston; now we ask you to help us in this request to have the clear fan favorite, Vic Mignogna, return home to Houston once more.

We as an United Anime Community have felt that the actions brought against Vic are unjust, and repugnant to the industry as a whole. As such, we feel that actions from those who have claimed to have our communities best interests, have instead hurt every facet from Convention owners like yourselves, to the artists and vendors losing foot traffic he consistanly [sic] brings to conventions no other anime actor does.

We hope you will see with the amount of fans signing below, coupled with the fact that those most vocal detractors are being exposed and their character discredited, that bringing an actor who GENUINELY cares for us the fans when we need happiness, hope, and that true escape that shows like AM provide, that bringing Vic Mignogna back for 2020 is the right move.

You have the chance to set things right for all of us in the industry. Help us, Anime Matsuri.; Stand with us, Today.

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