Comcast Can Block NBC's Online Competition If Net Neutrality Is Repealed

If FCC successfully repeals the Title II regulations for ISPs with the Restoring Internet Freedom proposal, nothing can stop Comcast from throttling or blocking any online media that's in direct competition to NBCUniversal or Comcast.
Christopher M | November 27, 2017
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YouTube Demonetizes Charity Video For Las Vegas Victims, Monetizes Related Videos From Media Outlets

YouTube demonetizes Casey Neistat video were all advertisement revenue was being donated to Las Vegas victims
Christopher M | October 06, 2017
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Award Winners & Streamy Awards 2017 Recap

Host Jon Cozart made sure to dab on them haters and roast the content creators in attendance at this years Streamy Awards
Christopher M | September 27, 2017
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Campo Santo DMCA On PewDiePie Is Compellingly Illegal

Game development company Campo Santo's DMCA Takedown on YouTube content creator PewDiePie borders on copyright abuse.
Christopher M | September 16, 2017
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Fan Voting For The 7th Streamy Awards Is Live

Time to vote for your favorite YouTubers!
Christopher M | September 13, 2017
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Traditional Media Interfering With FaZe Banks Vs Team10

Local LA Fox11 station gets involved with the allegations between Team10 Meg McPherson and FaZe Banks, supporting Team10 and slandering FaZe Banks.
Christopher M | August 25, 2017
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The 2017 Streamy Awards Nominees Announced

The Nominees for the 7th annual Streamy Awards have been announced.
Christopher M | August 22, 2017
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Is FanJoy Possibly Breaking Federal Law With Jake Paul's Stunt

After Jake Paul's recent stunt that doxed another famous YouTuber, FanJoy & Jake Paul could be in some serious heat with the United States Federal Trade Commission!
Christopher M | July 24, 2017
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Keemstar Accuses IGN Of Stealing Steven Suptic Style, Launching #BoycottIGN

"IGN literally stole Steven Suptic's style," Keem explains, "Steven Suptic has a completely different style of...
Christopher M | June 20, 2017
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The Internet Says Goodbye To Imzy

As the internet as a whole continues to expand everyday, some felt that it deserved better than what was currently out there.
Christopher M | June 20, 2017
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