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GamingVideo Games

Pokemon Go Community Day May 2018

May 19th kicks off the fifth Pokemon Go Community Day event
Christopher M | 05.18.2018
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TechnologyHurricane Awareness

VIDEO: Hurricane Awareness Tour 2018

Last week was Lakeland, Florida was one of five stops for the Hurricane Hunters in their Hurricane Awareness Tour, part of NOAA's annual National Hurricane Preparedness Week.
Christopher M | 05.18.2018
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GamingFree Weekend

Overwatch Free Weekend, May 25th - 28th

Play Overwatch for free all next weekend during the Anniversary Event
Christopher M | 05.17.2018
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InternetSocial Media Issues

Twitter Urges Password Change After Password Bug Found

The social media platform urges users to change their passwords after a bug left them unhashed in their system.
Christopher M | 05.03.2018
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Second Wormhole Wars Playtest Announced

If you enjoyed or missed the first Wormhole Wars playtest, get ready for this weekend.
Christopher M | 04.23.2018
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GamingIndependent Video Game

Early Access Indies: Treadnauts

A platformer all about defying the laws of physics with tanks
Christopher M | 04.19.2018
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GamingBully Hunters

The Statistics Game Of Bully Hunters

For the past few days, the Bully Hunters proclaimed they weren't playing any games with harassment, they were playing the game of statistics instead.
Christopher M | 04.14.2018
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InternetTwitter Censorship

Twitter Now Blocking Links On Its Platform

Twitter users have discovered that they're no longer able to post links on the platform. Receiving errors saying, "This action was flagged as suspicious" & "This request looks like it was automated..." when trying to post.
Christopher M | 03.27.2018
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GamingVideo Games

Pokemon Go Community Day February 2018

February 24th kicks off the second ever Pokemon Go Community Day event
Christopher M | 02.13.2018
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GamingVideo Games

Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend, February 16th - 19th

You'll be able to play Overwatch for free this weekend on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Christopher M | 02.13.2018
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GamingVideo Games

Monthly Pokemon GO Community Days Starting In January

A new monthly community event giving out increased XP or Stardust and an exclusive fighting ability
Christopher M | 01.18.2018
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Wizards Mandate Required Background Checks For Magic Judges, Judges In Strong Opposition

Wizards of the Coasts now require background checks for Judges and other event staff. Vocal group of Magic Judges are in strong opposition to the new policy.
Christopher M | 01.12.2018
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PUBG Testing Feature For Reporting Cheaters While In Replay Mode

The PUBG team tests a new reporting feature to help combat the issue the game faces with cheating
Christopher M | 01.11.2018
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The Statistics Game Of Bully Hunters
04.19.2018 — Christopher M

Magic The Gathering Judge Association Plays Victim In Pedophile Scandal
01.10.2018 — Christopher M

The Keemstar Pedo Allegations with Keemstar's "KEEMSTAR EXPOSED RESPONSE"
06.30.2016 — Christopher M

Is FanJoy Possibly Breaking Federal Law With Jake Paul's Stunt
07.24.2017 — Christopher M

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