Article NASA Establishes Moon to Mars Program Office

March 30, 2023
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With the ever-increasing Moon and Mars missions planned, NASA has announced the immediate formation of the Moon to Mars Program Office. Tasked to oversee the agency's efforts to explore and eventually establish a presence on the Moon and Mars. Bring together personnel from various centers from around the country to work on specific projects related to the Moon and Mars missions.

The establishment came as a requirement from the NASA Authorization Act of 2022 and is part of NASA's larger Artemis Program. A program which aims at landing Americans back on the moon by 2024.

According to the NASA press release, the Moon to Mars Program Office will be led by Amit Kshatriya, who had previously served acting deputy associate administrator for Common Exploration Systems Development. Being responsible for overseeing the program planning and implementation for manned missions to the Moon and Mars.

From his online bio, Kshatriya stared his career back in 2003, mainly focused on the International Space Station as a software engineer, robotics engineer, and spacecraft operator.

The Moon to Mars Program Office will focus on various programs critical to Artemis missions. Mainly on the "hardware development, mission integration, and risk management functions." Utilizing the collected knowledge to guide in planning out future manned missions to Mars.

Which would include programs and development such as, "Space Launch System rocket, Orion spacecraft, supporting ground systems, human landing systems, spacesuits, Gateway, and more related to deep space exploration."

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson expressed his excitement about the new office, stating that, "The Moon to Mars Program Office will help prepare NASA to carry out our bold missions to the Moon and land the first humans on Mars."

Adding, "The golden age of exploration is happening right now, and this new office will help ensure that NASA successfully establishes a long-term lunar presence needed to prepare for humanity's next giant leap to the Red Planet."Copyright © 2023 Fotisi. All Rights Reserved.

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