The 2017 Streamy Awards Nominees Announced

The Nominees for the 7th annual Streamy Awards have been announced.
Christopher M | August 22, 2017
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Minecraft Community Backlashes For MINECON Earth Announcement

Continued backlash on social media by Minecraft community for MINECON Earth Announcement.
Christopher M | August 18, 2017
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MINECON Earth Announced, The Global MINECON Experience

Mojang's new spin for this years MINECON
Christopher M | August 08, 2017
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Craftathon Raises Over 6K For Children In Need

This past weekend was the Craftathon event, and for their first event ever they did pretty awesome.
Christopher M | August 04, 2017
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Short Film "In A Heartbeat" Review

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.
Christopher M | August 02, 2017
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Warner Brothers Release Official First Trailer for IT

Around noon Eastern time today, Warner Brothers posted the first official trailer to their upcoming horror movie IT. Watch now!
Christopher M | July 27, 2017
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Does 'Ready Player One' Accurately Predict The Future

Ready Player One, the latest Steven Spielberg science fiction movie or science fact?
Christopher M | July 25, 2017
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Is FanJoy Possibly Breaking Federal Law With Jake Paul's Stunt

After Jake Paul's recent stunt that doxed another famous YouTuber, FanJoy & Jake Paul could be in some serious heat with the United States Federal Trade Commission!
Christopher M | July 24, 2017
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Comic Con Justice League Sneak Peek

Today during the San Diego Comic Con, Warner Brothers released a sneak peek at the upcoming Justice League film.
Christopher M | July 22, 2017
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Pokémon GO Fest, Legendary Pokémon & More

The Pokémon Go video game is getting a huge summer update!
Christopher M | July 22, 2017
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