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2017 The Droid Builders show off their amazing Droids The Droid March At Star Wars Celebration The Droid March At Star Wars Celebration
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The Droid March At Star Wars Celebration

Christopher M
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On Friday Afternoon during Star Wars Celebration, attendees were surprised with a Droid March from the Droid Builders Room to the Main Convention Floor. Flags of the different Factions in Star Wars were flown ahead of the Droids. R2-D2 cheerleaders greeted the crowd as the Droids appeared. Some of the amazing Droids include a Batman and Robin set. Batman being a R2 unit and Robin being a MSE-6-series repair Droid or commonly known as a mouse droid. Speaking of mouse Droids, there was another MSE-6-series that had Mickey Mouse ears on. All these Droids and a lot more can be found over at the Droid Builders Room W205.

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