Article Kenosha, Wisconsin Based Gaming Lounge Looted, Trashed During Civil Unrest

Christopher M
August 28, 2020, 05:41pmEDT
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During the violence that broke out late Sunday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, local gaming hub Gravity Gaming Lounge had its windows smashed up and doors destroyed.

The "Fiery but mostly peaceful protest...," per CNN, broke out in Kenosha early this week after police shot Jacob Blake. A public library, car dealership and other businesses were also looted and torched during the violence there this week.

Early Monday morning Gravity Gaming Lounge issued a statement to their Facebook page, "For those who heard We got looted. Everything in the store was taken and the place was destroyed. For a business that was struggling to get back to normal and pushing through these hard times we will not be able to come back from this. The damage to our building and the cost to replace the exterior damage and to top it off to replace everything stolen is going to be catastrophic[.] As we look to see the total costs, at this point we will be closing down completely. We want to thank everyone coming out and supporting us these past couple of years they have been great and we have definitely had fun. We wish everyone the best and prey you stay safe[.]"

The lounge’s exterior windows and doors were destroyed and are now boarded up. During the looting, eight Xbox One S, eight Playstation 4 Pros, roughly ten-thousand dollar gaming collection for those consoles, and two Nintendo Switches were stolen. A breakdown of the damages was described in a Facebook post Monday afternoon, "We estimate our damage to the building to be close to $20,000 having to replace both doors, several windows and fix interior damage caused during this horrific event. We also estimate our loss of operating equipment to be roughly $20,000 our break down comes from : 8 Xbox one S and 8 PS4 pros as all our consoles were stolen. Our game collection for both consoles were roughly about $10000 and we had 8 damaged monitors beyond repair, 2 PC setups completely stolen along with several mouse and keyboard setups. We also lost 2 Nintendo switches and all games associated with the console and 2 Game Pro Controllers. All our televisions were either stolen or completely destroyed. We suffered damage to our display cases, camera systems, mini fridges used to hold beverages and many other smaller things"

Gaming YouTuber TheQuartering set up a GoFundMe campaign for the nearby lounge to help with the high-expense damages. "Video games do a lot of things, they entertain, they educate, they excite. But perhaps the most important thing I believe they do is bring people together."

At the time of publishing the GoFundMe campaign has raised over seventy-two thousand dollars. Any left-over funds after repairing the lounge will go to the next door business according to TheQuartering.

"We are blown away by the support from the gaming community, and we have an exciting announcement! We are going to REOPEN! A brief overview and status update for everybody. We were looted and our building received severe damage earlier this week. With the high cost of buying new gaming equipment and repairs, we were devastated and anticipated to close our doors permanently. Due to the overwhelming positive support from the community, we are going to push forward to rebuild and reopen. A thoughtful YouTuber and avid gamer, Jeremy Hambly, started a GoFundMe for us, and it has received immense support beyond our imagination. We are sharing our GoFundMe link here as well so everyone who wants to show their support is able to.We would like to sincerely thank everybody from the bottom of our hearts that has shown their support. It means the world to us, and we look forward to seeing everybody at Gravity Gaming Lounge again!"

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