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2016 Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? That the eyes of some unseen force are upon you. That no matter how fast you run, or how far you go, you will never get away. What if it was more than just a feeling?
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Short Film Eye Contact(2008) Review

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Eye Contact is an eight-minute short film produced by Jeff Buccellato and Mike Foley. My rate of is a one and a half out of five. It starts off my showing an unknown female character, played by Allison Mickelson, jogging alone a coast line to a Lighthouse. Once on top of the Lighthouse, the woman spots a strange dark figure down below on the boardwalk. After about a minute of a staring showdown, she leaves and heads back to where she originally came from. While jogging back the woman notices that the strange dark figure is following her. Panicked, she runs as fast as she can from the lighthouse and its strange figure to her house, where she is somehow murdered off screen. Then the scene switches, its dark and we find a Coroner, played by Davis Bruce, and an Officer, played by Jason Goodrich, standing over a body-bag with the female jogger inside. After the Officer finishes his report, the scene changes to the Coroner waving, symbolizing that the officer is leaving, and gets into his truck. After noticing something weird with the house, he pulls way. While driving on the road he looks at his side view mirror and notices two strange dark figures in the road, and the film stops there.

Although the dark figure was a bit menacing, all of the suspense came from the constant dramatic background music. I found this when I watched the entire short film without sound. The entire plot is still the same, you can tell that a strange dark figure is chasing people, but you don't get the same suspenseful feeling.

Production wise, the effects were a little cheesy, but the camera angles and music were very well done. It would have help if there were some dialogue in this film to add to the suspense.

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