Minecraft Community Backlashes For MINECON Earth Announcement


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2017 Continued backlash on social media by Minecraft community for MINECON Earth Announcement. Minecraft Community Backlashes For MINECON Earth Announcement Minecraft Community Backlashes For MINECON Earth Announcement
Christopher M
August 18, 2017
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Ten days have past since the MINECON Earth announcement from Mojang, and the Minecraft community hasn't taken the new concept very well. Criticizing Mojang and its parent company Microsoft as being lazy and going cheap. As we previously reported, Mojang announced that a 90 minute interactive livestream will be taking the place of their annual Two day convention. As well as some fan-made events to become official Minecraft events to fill in that hole. This announcement immediately sparked massive outrage within the Minecraft Community with major figures picking it apart.

Minecraft YouTubers Stampylongnose and AntVenom, just to name a few, are raising possible issues that come with the new change. Stampy stating in his 'Let's Talk' video on MINECON Earth, "The problem I think, a few problems, firstly the problem with the community events, in my opinion, is that because there's going to be more of them and they're going to be smaller, I don't think they're gonna attract the big group of, you know, people from the community. Like at MINECON you get lots of the biggest YouTubers and map makers and everyone. They all make the effort, you know whether it's in America or in Europe, people travel to go to MINECON because it's the big event. But these individual smaller events you're not going to get that big hub of everyone together. You're not going to get the chance to meet like, you know ten of your favorite YouTubers on the same day."

However AntVenom was more sceptical in his video 'MINECON EARTH?! - Good or Bad?' raising the point that some, "YouTubers and guest stars may appear on the livestream, there still a massive chance that only employees of Mojang and Microsoft will be in attendance for MINECON itself." And later raising that, "Everybody has the same opportunity to see the show as everybody else. However on the same token, many individuals love traveling around the world to get to go to the various conventions and meeting up with friends and YouTubers. So with it only being a live stream you lose that ability."

The loss of a physical location is why most of the community is frustrated. And with Mojang letting other organisations do meet-ups for them, they no longer have an incentive to organize their own event. Meaning all future MINECONs will be reduced to just 90 minute live streams, and the continuation of Mojang drifting away from its community.

Twitter has been the most vocal these past Ten days, with most people stating how disappointed they are with Mojang and their parent company Microsoft. Between the cape scams and random self-promotion tweets, hundreds to thousands are criticizing and publicly denouncing the live stream event, with some top tweets like;

Mojang has scheduled a live stream for next Wednesday, August 23rd, to answer questions that the community may have on the latest announcements coming from their officeses. Main developer Jens Bergensten, Lydia Winters and Vu Bui will be hosting the live stream. Questions can be sent to them via replying to their tweet about the stream, which we have linked below.

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