Craftathon, A Minecraft Charity Event Supporting Child's Play Charity


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2017 A Minecraft charity event from July 29th to July 30th supporting the Child's Play Charity Craftathon, A Minecraft Charity Event Supporting Child's Play Charity Craftathon, A Minecraft Charity Event Supporting Child's Play Charity
Christopher M
July 19, 2017
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In the world of giving back, the gaming community has been one of the greatest. With millions of dollars donated to charities every year through awesome gaming events. The latest event to the list is Craftathon, a family-friendly gaming charity event though Minecraft, which is donating all proceeds to the Child's Play Charity.

Happening on July 29th and 30th, you will be able to play four unique custom built games on top of custom survival multiplayer (SMP) alongside several popular Minecraft YouTubers like SallyGreenGamer, Rendog, iskall85 and many more. There will also be panels, events and meet-and-greets. The Minecraft server's IP is and will be available to the public from 9am PST Saturday July 29 to 9pm PST Sunday July 30th. You will need to donate at least $5 dollars in order to access the event. I reached out to the organizer of the Craftathon Charity, Mistri, for an interview.

What inspire you to create Craftathon Charity event?
I've had a lot of inspiration for Craftathon. Back in 2015, I started to create a large server network called "The Battleaxe Network", I was aiming it to be completely custom, unique, and very fun. I got a developer team and took a year to create 8 custom minigames with a custom core. We released in September 2016, got around 50 players at release, but after that, the server died. I was devastated because my team and I had put so much time and effort into making Battleaxe a great server, so we decided to turn it into a charity, which was inspired by BlockJam. After a few more months of development, we were finally ready to start publicizing, and now here we are!

What's your history with Minecraft?
I started playing Minecraft in 2013 in singleplayer, and towards the end of 2013 my friend introduced me to Ghostcraft, which is now a retired gamemode of the Shotbow network -- I became a faithful player on Shotbow for quite a while, up to a point where I suggested a gamemode to be developed there. When they rejected it, I decided to get my own team, develop it, and submit it to them. We took a year to create the game now known as "Rangers", and rather than submitting it to Shotbow, we decided to create our own server, called the Ion Network. Long story short, that was a complete failure, and out of that I decided to make Battleaxe, which is now turned into Craftathon. Rangers has been around for a while, passed around from server to server, but it's barely seen the public's eyes, so I'm happy that it will finally be making its deserved debut at Craftathon.

Do you plan on having another Craftathon charity event after this one?
Yes, our team plans on hosting Craftathon annually! *Smiley Face*

Craftathon currently has a very active public Discord and you can check out their website or at

Disclaimer: Fotisi is partnered with this event and as donated to the charity. If you have a charity event that you would like covered or possible partnership with please contact us over at

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