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2019 Be on the lookout for dragon type Pokemon Bagon during April's Community Day Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019 Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019
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Article Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019
Gaming • Mobile Gaming

Christopher M
March 27, 2019, 06:18pmEDT
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April's Pokemon Go Community Day is currently planned for the second Saturday, April 13th. The rock head dragon type Bagon is the month's featured Pokemon. Three times catch experience and three-hour long lures are the bonuses for this event.

Bagon's exclusive move hasn't been announced by Niantic yet.

The event is set to last for three hours, starting at 3pm (15:00) until 6pm (18:00).

Every month Niantic, developer of the mobile game Pokemon GO, organizes a community day where fans can get together for a few hours and catch the featured Pokemon. Catching the featured Pokemon during the event will grant you an exclusive move. There are also two bonuses that go along with the event, with three times the catch stardust and three-hour long lures being past bonuses.

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