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2018 The next playtest for the Halo/Portal hybrid is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend November 24th Set As Next Splitgate: Arena Warfare Playtest November 24th Set As Next Splitgate: Arena Warfare Playtest
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Article November 24th Set As Next Splitgate: Arena Warfare Playtest
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Christopher M
November 17, 2018, 11:00amEST
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Just as you're fully coming out of your Thursday food coma and relaxing after Friday's mad shopping, another Splitgate playtest will be up and running to boost your holiday relaxation.

The upcoming playtest is scheduled for Saturday, November 24th. The duration of the playtest is still yet to be determined by the developers, however, its likely to last for 24 to 36 hours based on the duration of previous playtests.

An alpha key is required to participate in the playtest, however there are a few ways to receive one. Keys are handed out during Dev streams via giveaways and are also randomly posted on their Twitter and Discord.

Playtest By Time Zones

Playtest duration has yet to be determined by 1047 Games...

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