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2018 Indie studio Midnight Hub reportedly laid off its entire staff after citing financial issues Indie Studio Midnight Hub Reportedly Laid Off Entire Team Indie Studio Midnight Hub Reportedly Laid Off Entire Team
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Article Indie Studio Midnight Hub Reportedly Laid Off Entire Team
Gaming • Indie Gaming

Christopher M
August 20, 2018, 06:01pmEDT
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Article updated August 22, 2018.

In a recent company blog post, Midnight Hub reportedly laid off its entire staff citing financial issues. This comes three months after the indie studio released their first title, Lake Ridden.

According to the indie studio, weak sales are to blame, with the sufficient public relations surrounding their game not translating into sales.

"...[W]e have sold fewer copies we ever believed would be possible for a high quality game. We worked with 2 really good PR firms, exhibited the game on 4 conferences where people lined up to play, got major coverage, really good reviews, posted viral blog posts and GIFs, had 400 000 followers on our coder Johan's twitter, got nominated for awards and had some of the biggest streams out there pick the game up. But this has not translated into sales, unfortunately."

Midnight Hub was founded back in late 2015 by three game developers who've previous worked for Mojang, Paradox, Tarsier Studios and Massive. The studio eventually expanded to five team members, all working on their recently released title Lake Ridden. A mystery puzzle game where you must find your missing younger sister after a dispute while on a weekend campout.

Despite the layoffs, Midnight Hub expressed that their game Lake Ridden will still be available to purchase with on-going support. Claiming the company will technically continue to exist.

"The game will be up on Steam and the support service will be active, and technically the company will continue to exist. We will even visit EGX in Birmingham in a month."

The studio stated that a more in-depth investigation will be published soon.

Article updated August 22, 2018.
Article title has been change to reflect the article more accurately after the studio clarified some positions on the matter.

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