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2018 Teespring Bans TheQuartering's "Get Woke, Go Broke" T-Shirt For Hate Speech Teespring Bans TheQuartering's "Get Woke, Go Broke" T-Shirt For Hate Speech
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Teespring Bans TheQuartering's "Get Woke, Go Broke" T-Shirt For Hate Speech


Christopher M
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Teespring is under some controversy after removing a custom T-shirt that featured the slogan "Get Woke, Go Broke" with an image of a cowgirl by YouTuber TheQuartering. The San Francisco based company allows users to create and sell customized merchandise their website.

TheQuartering, ran by Jeremy Hambly, is a political commentary YouTube channel focused on calling out identity politics in the entertainment worlds of gaming, comics, and film (movies, television, etc.).

Jeremy was alerted within hours of posting the t-shirt for sale that it was no-longer available by his fanbase. Greeted with the message that "[t]he campaign is no longer available due to content issues. Sorry about that. Please contact us if you think we made a mistake."

Bringing attention to this on Twitter, Teespring responded to Jeremy stating via a direct message that upon investigating the situation the design is considered hate speech by the company."Thanks for your patience. This design was flagged as hate speech for the design relating with that person's face on it. Because of that, the design has been removed and all orders cancelled/refunded."

After replying, "[i]t's a cartoon," Teespring continued with,"We understand, but it does have someone's face on it and is considered hate speech because of this. If you have permission from that person to use their face in the design, please let us know."

Jeremy further replied, "What person? It's just a lady cowgirl." Teespring ending with,"You are welcome to file a counterclaim if you'd like to have the design reviewed further."

Teespring is referring to the cowgirl image in parody of Jessica Price's cowgirl Twitter icon. Jessica was recently fired from her writing job at ArenaNet after her controversial belligerence towards Guild Wars 2 community members this past week. She hasn't been shy of being controversial, delving heavily into identity politics and past incidents included celebrating the death of gaming icon Totalbiscuit.

The "Get Woke, Go Broke" slogan refers to non-political companies, organizations or individuals losing revenue whenever they submerge themselves into politics, especially identity politics.


The following is Teesprings section on "Hate Speech and Harassment" from their Acceptable Use Policies,"We do not allow campaigns that promote or glorify hatred toward people based on their age, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and religion, including people, organizations or symbols dedicated to hatred against these groups. Additionally, we will not allow campaigns including content that bullies, attacks or threatens specific individuals."

However, between Jeremy pointing it out and digging more into the Teespring website, several accounts are selling t-shirts and other merchandise plastered with faces without permission. Faces which included the current and former United States Presidents, Activist Emma Gonzalez, Senator Bernie Sanders, and more. Merchandise for the domestic terrorist group Antifa was also found throughout the Teespring website.

The collection of Teespring t-shirts

The removal sparked outrage among TheQuartering fanbase and other anti-identity politics activists.

Archive: https://archive.fo/LdTdI Archive: https://archive.fo/UBQjX Archive: https://archive.fo/0ROn7

Jeremy had this to say after the removal of the "Get Woke, Go Broke" t-shirts,"Now I was curious why that happened because I had actually paid an artist for that art, it is an original drawing. Perhaps somewhat like, but certainly a parody of somebody and wasn't. I thought it was weird, I thought maybe they just took it down to make sure I had owned the art so I had the artist email no problem at all, but then that wasn't it at all. Turns out I committed hate speech, whatever that is. ... This is like a double whammy, I like to cover every opportunity a company gets woke goes broke because it's important for us who are fighting the fight against, just making the damn donuts versus jamming your ideological preferences on your customers."

TheQuartering's merchandise store has moved from Teespring to Cryptofashion, a small custom online store start-up, with newer versions of the "Get Woke, Go Broke" t-shirt available. Jeremy’s full story on the matter can be found from his video Hypocrites At Teespring Banned My Shirt Spread The Word.

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