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2018 MINECON Earth Party Locations Revealed & Host Your Own MINECON Earth Party Locations Revealed & Host Your Own
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MINECON Earth Party Locations Revealed & Host Your Own

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Christopher M
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Part of the Minecon Earth experience are the hosted parties were you and your fellow local crafters can celebrate everything Minecraft. The official listing of venues hosting Minecon Earth Parties has been revealed by Mojang. Over one hundred locations are currently included with Mojang actively "updating this list with more parties over the coming months."

The venues range from Microsoft Stores, public schools, museums, theaters and convention centers which offer different experiences. Microsoft stores offer guests the ability to play Minecraft with local community members while watching the live stream. While the other venues offer the ability to host panels and competitions.

MINECON Earth 2017 at The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Minecon Earth is a 90 minute annual live stream which recaps the previous year's Minecraft updates, shows off what can be expected in the upcoming year, and a costume contest. The stream also features Minecraft's developers, content creators and community members.

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