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2018 London Spitfire beat the Philadelphia Fusion and take home the title of champions of the Overwatch League Inaugural Season Grand Finals London Spitfire Win The Overwatch League 2018 Grand Finals London Spitfire Win The Overwatch League 2018 Grand Finals
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Article London Spitfire Win The Overwatch League 2018 Grand Finals
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Christopher M
July 29, 2018, 06:00pmEDT
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Live at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, the London Spitfire be the Philadelphia Fusion two to zero, winning the Overwatch League Grand Finals in the inaugural season.

"I think I still feel a little bit emotional at the moment but when I realized that we won. The thoughts that went through my head were, coming through the regular season playoffs to this moment when we won and we became champions we had to go through a lot of stuff. There was a lot of stuff that happened that we had to settle and fix, both mentally and emotionally and gameplay wise. And I think as the moment approached that we won all those tough times kind of quickly snapped right through my head." - Agape, from the London Spitfire

Big plays by Profit helped the Spitfire achieve the major win, including his Dragonstrike that almost took out entire Fusion team during their defensive round on Junkertown.

The London Spitfires also won the first stage out of four during the regular season.

The team plans on taking a trip to the United Kingdom sometime around October to meetup with fans and claims to be there for longer than a week with lots of things planned.

The London Spitfire rising the grand finals trophy to the crowds. Image from Overwatch League.

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