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2018 1047 Games announced another playtest for this weekend Wormhole Wars Big Weekend Playtest, June 9th & 10th Wormhole Wars Big Weekend Playtest, June 9th & 10th
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Article Wormhole Wars Big Weekend Playtest, June 9th & 10th
Gaming • Sci-Fi

Christopher M
June 07, 2018, 11:45amEDT
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Get ready for the longest Wormhole Wars playtest yet! 1047 Games announced that this Saturday, June 9th, is the next test which will last for 24 hours. Users will be able to play on dedicated servers as well as host their own custom games. A new map will also debut named Dorado, which gives sort of a futuristic twist on Victorian age architecture. Free Wormhole Wars alpha game keys for are available and can be picked up on their Discord server.

"Wormhole Wars is a fast-paced sci-fi multiplayer shooter that combines the strategic elements of portals with the explosive gameplay of a first person shooter. Built in Unreal Engine 4 and powered through Steam, you can play with friends online or versus the AI. It supports up to 10 players and is revolutionizing the FPS genre with the unique movement and flanking abilities that players can pull off through portals." - 1047 Games

Playtest By Timezones

  • June 09th 12pm - June 10th 12pm PDT
  • June 09th 03pm - June 10th 03pm EDT
  • June 09th 09pm - June 10th 09pm CEST
  • June 10th 05am - June 11th 05am AEST

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