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2018 Livestreaming Revoked For YouTube Channels That Streamed Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference Livestreaming Revoked For YouTube Channels That Streamed Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference
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Livestreaming Revoked For YouTube Channels That Streamed Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference


Christopher M
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Just shorty after Ubisoft's Conference on Monday, several YouTube channels noticed that their livestreaming abilities were revoked without warning or notification at the time. The affected channels, gearing up for the PlayStation Conference happening later that day, didn't receive a copyright strike or a community guideline strike, showing perfect standing with YouTube.

Archive: https://archive.li/dx6a9
Archive: https://archive.li/Dt9ER
Archive: https://archive.li/eYMFu
Archive: https://archive.li/Xj8Nh

See our Twitter Moment for more related tweets: Streaming Revoked For YouTubers Who Streamed Ubisoft E3 Conference

Fotisi has also been affected by this with our YouTube channel unable to livestream for the next 90 days.

After receiving backlash on Twitter, Ubisoft replied saying that they didn’t intend for this to happen. "Hey there, sorry for any issues you may have had, this was not intended and we're working to resolve it ASAP. Thanks." YouTube during this time replied to other affected users with Ubisoft's tweet. "Did you live stream Ubisoft's event today? If so, they've mentioned that they're working to resolve this here: https://t.co/NyJ2yOeau1."

Archive: https://archive.li/jmS69

It is currently unknown when the account issues will be resolved for the affected Youtube channels. Ubisoft hasn't made any public statements regarding the issues other than a few repeating replies to tweets. If you were affected by this let us know over at tips@fotisi.com or via our social media.

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