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2018 Second Wormhole Wars Playtest Announced Second Wormhole Wars Playtest Announced
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Second Wormhole Wars Playtest Announced


Christopher M
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The next round of Wormhole Wars playtexting has been scheduled! The studio tweeting out today that the next public playtest will be this Saturday, April 28th, with the servers open from noon PST to 3pm PST. Main focus expressed for this round is on testing the updated melee system and portal optimization. Game keys for the alpha are available and can be picked up on their Discord server.

Playtest By Timezones

  • 04am - 07am JST
  • 05am - 08am AEST
  • 09pm - 12am CEST
  • 03pm - 06pm EST
  • 12pm - 03pm PST

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