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2018 A platformer all about defying the laws of physics with tanks Early Access Indies: Treadnauts Early Access Indies: Treadnauts
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Early Access Indies: Treadnauts

Independent Video Game

Christopher M
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Ethics Disclaimer: Please note that Fotisi and the author were not contacted directly by nor paid by the game studio or development team to showcase this game.

Needing some friendly competition between co-workers, friends, family or just some fun entertainment when company is over, Treadnauts is right up your alley. Take on your opponent up a wall, upside down or in mid-air battles with your tank. Yes a physics defying tank showdown.

Choose from four different modes, single player, online solo & duo, and couch competitive. Single player gives you target practice finished off with its own medals and global leaderboards. Online solo places you into two to four player matches, with duo placing you into a two versus two team match. Online private matches can be set up where you choose the game mode and modifiers like zero gravity, bouncy bullets or jetpacks. The finial mode, couch competitive, has you and up to three others play on the same screen, and mostly likely the same couch.

Treadnauts is currently under development by the Seattle, WA based indie studio Topstitch Games. Originally building games for private clients when they were first founded, Topstich now focus solely on developing Treadnauts after their public alpha release received so much positive attention. The original prototype, then called "Tank to the Skies", was a personal project for Caelan Pollock while attending the University of Washington.

Early access on Steam became available February 2 and there is a public demo of Treadnauts on the Steam page if you want to test drive the game first. Topstitch plans on releasing the completed game sometime this summer, 2018. Treadnauts Website

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