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2018 Twitter users have discovered that they're no longer able to post archive.is links on the platform. Receiving errors saying, "This action was flagged as suspicious" & "This request looks like it was automated..." when trying to post. Twitter Now Blocking Archive.is Links On Its Platform Twitter Now Blocking Archive.is Links On Its Platform
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Article Twitter Now Blocking Archive.is Links On Its Platform
Internet • Twitter Censorship

Christopher M
March 27, 2018, 07:39pmEDT
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In today's online world archiving services are the best way to keep and provide evidence. Being able to view deleted tweets to checking if an online publication is editing its content by comparing it to the archive. One of the most used online archive services is archive.is which Twitter is now supposedly blacklisting from their platform.

Attention to this was brought up after Twitter user @BravingRuin and journalist Nick Monroe tweeted out for confirmation by other users if they experienced archive.is links being blocked in tweets or DMs.

Multiple users replied sharing screenshots of their failed attempts to tweet out links from archive.is with Twitter giving them an error messages that reads, "This action was flagged as suspicious" or, "This request looks like it was automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can't complete this action right now. Please try again later."

List of more tweets available on our Twitter Moment: Twitter Blacklisting Archive(dot)is Links From Platform

It seems that Twitter has blacklisted all URLs that contain the archive.is domain from their platform for an unknown reason. However, there is a way around the supposed blacklist as Archive.is has other domain extensions for the website, meaning you can replace the ".is" with ".fo", ".li" or ".today" and the link will work on Twitter.

I reached out to Twitter for comments on this matter and have not received anything from them at the time of publication.

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