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2018 The PUBG team tests a new reporting feature to help combat the issue the game faces with cheating PUBG Testing Feature For Reporting Cheaters While In Replay Mode PUBG Testing Feature For Reporting Cheaters While In Replay Mode
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PUBG Testing Feature For Reporting Cheaters While In Replay Mode

Christopher M
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In an update blog post that came out on Steam earlier this week, the PUBG team talked about a new feature their currently testing to combat the level of cheating in the game while continue to "stabilize the game performance" after the 1.0 release. Cheating has been a real issue with Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for a while now. With BattlEye, an anti-cheat software company, tweeting out last November that they had "banned almost 100,000 PUBG accounts this past weekend" after a security patch was released for the game. Later tweeting out in December, "Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000."

The cheating report feature subsection of the blog post reads,

"Players, as we have said on numerous occasions, we are committed to creating a fair play environment in PUBG and are always looking for ways to decrease the amount of active cheats and their users. As part of our latest efforts in this direction, we are adding a new way to report suspected cheaters in-game. Starting with the current test build (once the testing is complete, this feature will be moved to the live servers as well), you will be able to report players directly from the replay feature of our game. This means that you no longer need to be killed by a suspected cheater for you to be able to use the in-game reporting tool. We encourage you to use the replay report tool as it is an effective and efficient way of making us aware of the players who are undermining your enjoyment of the game."
Source: PC 1.0 Update #2

It is currently unclear how much this feature will help against the active cheating problem the game faces, but giving the player more abilities to somewhat combat the problem is a lot better then not having any way of reporting.

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