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2018 GoFundMe Started For Magic: The Gathering Judge Background Checks GoFundMe Started For Magic: The Gathering Judge Background Checks
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GoFundMe Started For Magic: The Gathering Judge Background Checks


Christopher M
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Mandatory background checks have been a major talking point within the Magic community for the past few weeks after several judges were found to be convicted sex offenders. With many constantly asking Wizards of the Coasts on Twitter whenever Wizards post.

Magic Judges association has been giving push back, citing that it would be too costly for the program. Wizards of the Coast, Magic Judges nor Channel Fireball have taken up responsibility on who should be in charge of the task. Side note; some states, counties or cities require, by law, an organizer to have background checks readily available on all volunteer staff.

Well Hambly from UnsleevedMedia created a GoFundMe to help offset the cost for those highly wanted background checks. Stating, "The magic the gathering judge is often a thankless job. It's an organization of volunteers, who often work long hours for little to no compensation. Recently it's been brought up that these folks should be able to provide clean background checks, something that costs $15-$20 per person. There are more than 1,000 judges in the USA alone and this Fundraiser will hopefully help offset some of those costs."

Besides helping offset the cost, the campaign should also send a message to Wizard and Magic Judges that the community actively wants mandatory background checks in place for new and current judges. One donator stated, "Hell yes! I work for a social welfare company (aspiranet.org) in CA, and a background check was required when I was hired. Anybody who has interaction with children, "employee" or not, should be vetted this way."

A little over 25% of the asked funding was reached in less than 24 hours, with $1,530 raised (at the time of publishing) out of a $6,000 goal. "The idea is that if a Judge is unable to afford their own background check they will be "sponsored" by this fund. They need only apply and show they are an active judge with scheduled events."

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