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2017 Petition Created For Wizards Of The Coast To Unban Travis Woo & Jeremy Hambly Petition Created For Wizards Of The Coast To Unban Travis Woo & Jeremy Hambly
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Petition Created For Wizards Of The Coast To Unban Travis Woo & Jeremy Hambly


Christopher M
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In light of the permanent DCI ban Jeremy Hambly, or UnsleevedMedia, has received from Wizards of The Coast, a Hasbro company, due to current unproven harassment allegations, a petition was created early Saturday morning to get both his and Travis Woo's one-year ban repealed. Magic cosplayer Christine Sprankle accused Hambly via Twitter of sending non-stop harassment to her for the past Two years. Currently there hasn't been any evidence found to support her accusation. The evidence Wizards of The Coast used was unrelated edgy tweets, claiming Hambly broke Magic's Code of Conduct.

Hambly is trying to shed light on the dangers that Wizards of The Coast have set, "This is an absurd overreach of power by a corporation, to ban people from the game over social media posts, something that has nothing to do with real life, nothing to do with how these players interact with people at tournaments."

Wizards are setting an extremely dangerous precedent throughout the gaming community. Where companies can ban you from their games, without refund, over differing opinions, politics or just an edgy ifunny meme. In TheQuartering YouTube video "The Evidence For The Lifetime Ban Against UnsleevedMedia", Hambly shares the official email he had received from Wizards of the Coast as well as screenshot evidence they attached to justify it. Two of the screenshots included Pepe memes. "I posted a Pepe meme. Like this, I'm not making this up, this is in the evidence from Wizards of The Coast, that I posted a Pepe meme. Imagine having your entire World of Warcraft collection or some, you know, Hearthstone collection removed because the precedent that Wizards of The Coast set now, that this is all they need and they can just take your collection over and ban you from the game."

Pepe meme evidence Source: The Evidence For The Lifetime Ban Against UnSleevedMedia

Hambly appeals to all gamers to sign the petition, even if they don't play Magic: The Gathering. Stating in his "It Begins #HasbroRuinedChristmas" YouTube video, "You don't have to like me, you don't have to agree with the things that I've said. If you agree that corporations should not be allowed to dig through your social media posts to a point of years and use them as a way to ban you from the game that you paid for. Ban you from attending events and steal your digital assets, the we agree we are fighting the same fight."

The petition surpassed 10,000 signatures, with the current amount being 13,458 signatures at the time of this being published.

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