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2017 This past weekend was the Craftathon event, and for their first event ever they did pretty awesome. Craftathon Raises Over 6K For Children In Need Craftathon Raises Over 6K For Children In Need
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Article Craftathon Raises Over 6K For Children In Need
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Christopher M
August 04, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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This past weekend was the Craftathon event, and for their first event ever they did pretty awesome. Their advertised custom mini games were quine and very entertaining. With some major YouTubers unexpectedly popping on and interacting with attendees.

Craftathon is an in-game Minecraft event, where players donated for access to the Minecraft server. Proceeds went to the Child's Play Charity. Once on the server, there were four custom built mini games to play from or SMP, survival multiplayer, for those who want a friendly adventure. One of the four was Predator, a point based games were 20 eggs spawn around the map. Each egg you collect gives you 5 points, slaying an opponent gives you 2 points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the round wins.

Most popular mini game was Bounce, a PVP game with endless bouncing. PacCraft, a Minecraft twits of the famous PacMan arcade game. With Rangers being the fourth. A team dueling mini game where you play as either a ranger or a bandit. As a ranger you must slay the bandit leader and collect his head while bandits are after you trying to collect your head.

But mini games weren't the only highlight of the weekend, major Minecraft YouTubers JeromeASF and AntVenom joined in the event. Being featured in panels and answering attendee questions. However they are only two out of the total thirteen special guests. A list that that included Minecraft developer slicedlime and YouTubers rendog, iskall85, BlackBeltPanda, SallyGreenGamer, HomieDolphin, Generzon, Rilly, Glitz, Char and sizuku49.

In the end of the 36 hours, Craftathon was able to raise six thousand four hundred fifty-five dollars and twenty three cents for Child's Play Charity. An amount that is over six times their initial goal of one thousand. Mistri, who is the lead organizer, stated, "I am truly amazed at the generosity of the Minecraft community, and I've honestly never thought I'd be doing this, ever. Over the past 2 days, we've had so many amazing things happen."

Lead organizing staff have stated that they want Craftathon to be an annual event. They haven't given out an official date yet for Craftathon 2018, but say that it will be posted out on their Twitter, @Craftathon2018.

Updated 07.08.2018 - Changed the Craftathon Twitter handle to current handle.

Disclaimer: Fotisi is partnered with this event and as donated to the charity. If you have a charity event that you would like covered or possible partnership with please contact us over at contact@fotisi.com.

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