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2017 The Last Jedi Official Teaser Drops At Star Wars Celebration 2017 The Last Jedi Official Teaser Drops At Star Wars Celebration 2017
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The Last Jedi Official Teaser Drops At Star Wars Celebration 2017


Christopher M
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Late Friday morning, The Last Jedi Panel went live at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. Everyone in attendance and everyone watching live from StarWars.com waited in excitement for what they have been waiting so long for, The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer! Broadcasted live to two other stages that held the overflow from the Galaxy Stage (main) as well as online to the entire world. With all Star Wars fans around the world sharing the feeling of seeing the teaser for the first time live. Well let's jump right to the teaser shall we.

"Breathe. Just, breathe. Now, reach out. What do you see?"

At the beginning of the teaser, we are greeted with a Mark Hamill voice over while being shown beautiful shots of Ireland where the scenes of Luke and Ray are filmed at. It becomes clear that he is asking, or more, teaching Rey about the Force.

"Light. Darkness. The balance."

Shot of a star map hologram at a Rebel Command Base. Then a shot of a crushed black helmet with the sound of Darth Vader breathing in the background. From a quick glance you would think it's Darth Vader's helmet. But, with close inspection, you see that it is Kylo Ren's helmet. Near the fade out of that shot, what sounds like Obi-Wan whispering, "You'll be consumed by the Dark Side." Then cuts to a rock wall with a small bookshelf, then to an opened book with the Jedi Order symbol.

"It's so much bigger."

And with Hamill's reply, the teaser goes into an epic montage of dog fights and explosions. Some scenes that gives us hope for the Rebellion and others strike the fear of The First Order bring in the victory of this story!

"I only know one truth. It's time for the Jedi. To end."

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