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2017 Discord users have been experiencing connection issues Discord Servers Currently Down (Update 4) Discord Servers Currently Down (Update 4)
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Discord Servers Currently Down (Update 4)


Christopher M
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At 2:51 PM EST today, or 11:51 PDT, Discord publicly stated on this status page that they were investigating some connection issues it users were having. With that status page also citing "Partial Outage" with their API and Gateway. This is after many users started posting on Twitter that they were having connection issues.

"Investigating - We are currently investigating connection issues to Discord. Updates coming as soon as we have any."
Mar 20, 11:51 PDT

Later at 4:44 PM EST, or 1:44 PM PDT, Discord status page updated with the message that they're hitting, "... the giant restart button ..."

Update - We're hitting the giant restart button now.
Mar 20, 13:44 PDT

With the status page soon after at 5:07 PM EST, or 2:07 PM PDT, updating with the message that a fix to the issues was put in place and they're actively monitoring the current situation.

Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Mar 20, 14:07 PDT

At 6:12 PM EST, or 3:12 PM PDT, Discord's status page updated to say that they are currently investigating again on the connection issue users are having.

Investigating - We're currently investigating the on-going connection issue. Will update as soon as there's news to share.
Mar 20, 15:12 PDT

Updated At 6:56 EST
Discord updated their status at 6:47 PM EST, or 3:47 PDT, stating that they've identified the issues with user connections and are working to get the system back up and running.

Identified - We've identified the connectivity issues and are working with Google Cloud to get things back up and running 100%. Your servers themselves are 100% operational, but DMs will require a refresh to receive the latest msgs your buddies send.
We apologize for the trouble and inconvenience that this issue has caused and will continue to update as news comes through.
Mar 20, 15:47 PDT

Updated At 7:43 EST
At 7:20 EST, or 4:20 PDT, Discord updated their status saying that they have disabled message sending due to on-going issues with Google Cloud.

Monitoring - We are still experiencing outages due to issues with Google Cloud and are working on getting the system fully back online. We have disabled message sending for the time being.
Mar 20, 16:20 PDT

Update 7:59 EST
Discord's status page has been updated to now read "Partial System Outage" in place of the status updates from earlier.

Partial System Outage

Update 8:04 EST
Discord's status page updated to now read "All Systems Operational" in place of the "Partial System Outage" status.

All Systems Operational

Resolved - We look to be back to nominal operation. We've isolated the issue to within the GCP hypervisor causing a soft-cpu lock on one of our services - causing a cascading failure throughout our system which triggered us to have to do a full-restart of our realtime services. We're actively investigating why the failure cascaded throughout the system - however Discord is operating as normal again.
Apologies for the outage - our team is working on a postmorterm of the incident.
Mar 20, 16:54 PDT

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