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2017 Robbie Amell returning to "The Flash." Original Firestorm Returning to The Flash Original Firestorm Returning to The Flash
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Original Firestorm Returning to The Flash

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Robbie Amell who played Ronnie Raymond AKA one half of the original firestorm is returning to The Flash. We knew he'd be returning to the show this season, but it's nice to see him finally back on set. Amell tweeted out the picture below Thursday afternoon, featuring himself and Danielle Panabaker on The Flash set. Panabaker portrays Caitlin Snow, Amell's widow on the series. Is Ronnie returning from the dead? Is it a reaction to Flashpoint or the current timeline alterations that Team Flash are making in attempt to save Iris from a dire fate? We shall have to wait and see. Details surrounding Amell's appearance are scarce so we don't know if this is a cameo or a much longer arc. The Flash airs on The CW at 8 /7 c on Tuesdays.

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