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2017 Kevin Smith might his directorial talents to Gotham. Kevin Smith Headed to Gotham? Kevin Smith Headed to Gotham?
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Kevin Smith Headed to Gotham?

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Kevin Smith has already are brought his directorial talents to The CW Shows, The Flash and Supergirl, and will direct an episode of The Goldbergs for ABC this season. Now he may be heading to Gotham on Fox.

Ironically the episode of The Goldbergs Smith will direct features a plot that sees Adam and Pops watching Batman(1989) and having a difference of opinion on which is better, a darker Michael Keatan Batman or the more colorful Adam West version. It's fitting considering Kevin Smith is a die-hard Batman fan having a podcast and weekly vlog called Fatman on Batman, not to mention he named his daughter Harley Quinn. So when Robin Lord Taylor who plays The Penguin on Gotham invited Smith to direct episodes of the series via twitter which feels like a match made in heaven and how can Smith responded is golden. I would imagine it would only be a matter of scheduling and paperwork to make this a done deal. Here's hoping the Fatman directs the Batman prequel series Gotham.

Below are the tweets between Robin Lord Taylor and Kevin Smith:

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