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2017 Recap of Flash "Borrowing Problems From the Future" Flash Recap "Borrowing Problems From the Future" Flash Recap "Borrowing Problems From the Future"
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Flash Recap "Borrowing Problems From the Future"

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Here's the rundown on The Flash Borrowing Problems From the Future


Barry trying to come to grips with having to save Iris from her potential future death.

Wally trying to prove himself as a hero.

Caitlin having problems with her Frost dampening bracelets.

Julian's be standoffish about helping Caitlin(a Meta) which goes against his stance of Metas belong in jail. She offers him to join Team Flash.

Barry is haunted by newscast visions that lead to Iris dying, Barry hesitates to catch Plunder. Wally saved Barry's life from Plunder's heat seeking bullets, catching Plunder. Barry then becomes consumed with fear over Iris' impending death, and he takes it out on Wally initially.

Julian excepts Caitlin's invitation to join Team Flash. Barry shows resistance but after a heartfelt speech Caitlin he says he consider it.

Barry takes Iris to the Time Vault and lets her in on the possibility of her death and then Team Flash.

Cisco helped Barry by vibing him to the future even though he was so pissed at Barry for the death of his brother. Cisco and Barry see broadcast news clues that will probably continue to evolve throughout the rest of the season in an attempt to save Iris as events change.

The group welcomes Julian into the team at the housewarming party for Barry and Iris. Cisco and Julian present Caitlin with a solar powered Frost dampening necklace to replace her cufflings.

The changes that Team Flash are making to save Iris could be the ones 2056 Barry warned Rip Hunter about. That seems more likely now since Flashpoint was tossed aside so early on. If that is the case, hold on to your butts!

Flashpoint should have taught Team Flash a lesson about trying to fixing the timeline? When Barry saved his mother an action that affected their lives drastically and he was berated for it, but this time his teammates didn't hesitate at the idea of manipulating the timeline once again but it was to save Iris.

Rating: Very good


Cisco: Let me give you some advice, Wally. Being a superhero's not about kicking ass. Well nope, actually that's a straight-up lie. There's a lot of ass-kicking involved.

HR: Well, I think that a man often meets his destiny on the very road he takes to avoid it.

Barry: The future isn't set. There's still hope.

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