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2017 Recap of Arrow "Who Are You?" episode Arrow Recap "Who Are You?" Arrow Recap "Who Are You?"
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Arrow Recap "Who Are You?"

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When last saw Arrow it ended 2016 with one hell of an episode. What We Leave Behind had a little bit of everything: humor, betrayal, angst, romance, and ended with an apparent resurrection.

Let's break down everything that happened in the Arrow's return:

Which is where "Who Are You?" opens in the Arrow Lair with Laurel explaining her resurrection. Apparently Laurel was saved by her sister, Sarah and the wave rider prior to her death. Team Arrow celebrates her return back at the Oliver/Thea's apartment. Curtis expresses is uneasiness of celebrating by reminding Dog of the fact they haven't even mourned Detective Malone or hadn't even buried him and Evelyn has betrayed them and is still out there with Prometheus. Felicity doesn't quite believe its Laurel and even tests her DNA off her glass from the party back in the lair with Rory. The test confirms a DNA match, but Felicity still refuse to believe it and Rory suggest it not like she has a twin just then Black Siren reveals herself by attacking them, only to interrupted by Oliver. Black Siren flees


Curtis breaks down from losing Paul and begins to question his vigilantism.

Black Siren is captured. Felicity and Oliver have difference of opinion on Black Siren. Oliver wants to reform her in attempt for redemption of Laurels death and Felicity wants to see her behind bars. Black Siren seems to escape.

John is locked away again and DA Chase takes the case by the urging of Oliver.

Felicity let Black Siren escape because she put nano trackers in her water to find Prometheus.

Curtis develops a power dampener.

General Walker tries to have Diggle transferred to his custody.

Team Arrow tracks Black Siren and Prometheus that leads to a confrontation that sees Curtis save the day with his dampener.

Felicity punches Black Siren

DA Chase finds a loophole by having Diggle punch him which will bring a new charge against Diggle and must keep him in the DA's jurisdiction for now save from General Walker.

Black Siren locked up in Argus

Another possible canary is introduced in the last scene.

In flashbacks:

Oliver is beaten til almost submission by the Russians until Talia Al Ghul rescues him.

Rating: Very good


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