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2017 BEWARE! It seems like scammers are targeting the Minecraft community more and more! The latest being minecon2017tickets.com Another Possible MINECON Scam Website! Another Possible MINECON Scam Website!
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Another Possible MINECON Scam Website!

Christopher M
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With today's technology, it easy for scammers and con-artist to establish fictitious websites for the sole purpose of ripping off people online. Sadly, the Minecraft community is not immune from these types of scams. Recently, a new website has popped up claiming to help you find the best deals on acquiring MINECON 2017 tickets. They even claim to allow you to explore their MINECON ticket inventory and mark your attendance at MINECON 2017!

The website in question is Minecon2017tickets.com. It's a little over a month old, but already has made it to within the top 10 listed sites on the front page of Google, when searching for "Minecon 2017". With Metadata like Title: "Minecon 2017 Tickets | Buy Minecon Tickets Online", description as "Find the best deals on Minecon 2017 tickets" and "Explore our Minecon tickets inventory and mark your attendance at the Minecon in 2017", it's no wonder how this site has climbed to the top so quickly. Before I even get into the website, I already see some major red flags here...Caveat emptor!

Find the "best deals" on MINECON tickets? A very attractive and luring statement, however this is impossible. There is only one ticketing site that Mojang/Microsoft utilizes to officially sell their tickets for MINECON, and that is Eventbrite. Don't trust any websites offering tickets that isn't publicly stated to be officially associated with Mojang/Microsoft for the purpose of selling Minecon tickets. And note, all attendee tickets are the same exact price.

"Explore our Minecon tickets inventory..." This statement gives the visitor the impression that there is more than one type of ticket being made available to the general public. As well as the impression that tickets have already been released. As of the time of this article, MINECON 2017 tickets have not been announced yet.

Now, let's dissect the visitor's view of the website. Upon the page loading, you'll notice that it is simple and easy on the eyes and not littered with any advertisements (usually a first indicator of a fake site...Click Bait anybody). And of course, the first thing offered is to join their email group so that they can notify you when tickets are available! Wait, what, I thought they already had an inventory of tickets available? The body of the site provides some historical references to Minecon's convention history, trying to help it pass off as an official site to acquire tickets. Basically, all the website offers is a newsletter subscription, a brief wiki description of MINECON in general, and a list of their search terms.

It is highly recommended that you don't give them your email. Like with most scam websites, any information you put in will most likely be sold!

The Minecon2017tickets.com website is also breaking several terms Mojang/Microsoft has set forth for community websites utilizing their brands. Meaning this site is most likely to be shut down sometime soon...so don't expect any tickets from this site.

The best thing for the community to do is to avoid this site, because the more views/clicks it receives, the faster it will rise to the top of the engines when searching for "Minecon 2017", and the faster you will be disappointed because they don't have any tickets.

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