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2014 Minecraft had is first and largest scam in it history! A Minecraft Scam?! Yup, Meeting Of The Mines - The Minecraft Scam A Minecraft Scam?! Yup, Meeting Of The Mines - The Minecraft Scam
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A Minecraft Scam?! Yup, Meeting Of The Mines - The Minecraft Scam

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Christopher M
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On March 23, 2014, Minecraft had is first and largest scam in it history! Thousands when to the convention "Meeting of the Mines" at $50.00USD a ticket, finding out once they entered that is was a scam. Although the site promised a huge convention with PS4 and Minecraft Lego giveaways, only one PS3 was given out and the rest were boxes of ink pins. After two short hours, the convention was ended. The convention was created by Kevin Roman. Just to show how big this story has gotten, here is a video from Channel 6, a news station in Orlando, Florida. They also released a second Convention that was to be on LongIsland New York. When the hotel was contacted, they said that the space was never booked for the Meeting Of The Mines Convention. Markus posted a tweet on Thursday (March 27, 2014), saying:

"I'm incredibly sad about the scammy minecraft convention, and we're taking it very seriously. If you got affected by it, I'm truly sorry. :("

And later posting:

"If you want more information on it, @BebopVox made an excellent video about it"

BebopVox Video Below

A facebook page was created by parents the day of the convention called "Meeting Of The Mines Scam Page". They posted up images and are now posting information to help get other parents affected by this some much needed information and help. In case you have been affected by this scam, please contact your state's attorney general office. MOTM later released an apology on www.motmfl.com to the families, but was also blaming everyone of stealing & distorting everything. Also saying:

"We advertised a Scavenger Hunt which myself and my staff worked day and night on for the past few weeks. We painted card board boxes so they looked like Minecraft Grass Blocks, and we scattered them individually through out the Mela Room. The purpose of the game was to find the lost Minecraft Diamond, and whoever did find the Diamond, would be rewarded with an XBOX ONE Console. Our intention was to hide cool minecraft gifts and collectibles within the other Grass Blocks, so that way whoever got into the box was rewarded, even if they did not find the Diamond. Upon letting people into the event, every one ran straight for the cardboard boxes, broke them apart and just threw them all over the place in a very nasty manner. We had a Schedule which was posted via our Facebook Page and also emailed to attendees and as advertised the Scavenger Hunt was supposed to take place later on in the day, however attendees took it upon themselves to begin the Hunt without our consent or knowledge."

From www.motmfl.com

And later stating:

"I was present throughout the ENTIRE event. I DID NOT HIDE FROM ANY ONE. No Matter how upset they were, No Matter How Red They Were, No Matter How Tall they were and No Matter How Muscular they were, I confronted every disappointed person, face to face and more than sympathized with them. I offered my most sincere apologies and asked how I could make it up to them. I gave every one my phone number and email address so they can call me to follow up. By the end of ALL my conversations with every one, they were all calm and understanding. They were still upset about the convention, but much more calm than when they initially began to talk to me. They all even shook my hand and thanked me for being honest and taking the time to talk to them."

From www.motmfl.com

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