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GamingIndie Gaming

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Playtesting Set For September 1st

Playtest for the Halo-Portal hybrid indie is set for the first weekend in September
Christopher M | 08.21.2018
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GamingIndie Gaming

Indie Studio Midnight Hub Reportedly Laid Off Entire Team

Indie studio Midnight Hub reportedly laid off its entire staff after citing financial issues
Christopher M | 08.20.2018
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GamingIndie Gaming

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Playtest Scheduled For August 18, 2018

The next round of playtesting for the Halo-Portal hybrid indie has been announced
Christopher M | 08.10.2018
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GamingScam Alert

Lookout For Blizzard Account Phishing Emails

A new phishing email is going around targeting Blizzard accounts
Christopher M | 08.10.2018
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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Raises 1K For PRO VS GI JOE During Latest Playtest

Players help raise one-thousand dollars for the Joint Forces Initiative program during the previous 36 hours long playtest
Christopher M | 08.08.2018
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Patrick Stewart To Play Jean-Luc Picard In New CBS Star Trek Series

A new CBS Star Trek series about the next chapter in Picard's life was announced during the Star Trek Las Vegas convention
Christopher M | 08.05.2018
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Gaming YouTuber Jeremy Hambly Assaulted Attending GenCon 2018

While visiting Indianapolis to attend GenCon, gaming and social commentator Jeremy Hambly was assaulted outside a bar early Thursday morning with some attendees supporting the incident
Christopher M | 08.04.2018
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GamingIndie Gaming

Treadnauts Leaving Early Access With Arrival To Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

The indie platformer is getting an official launch in August and will be available on select consoles
Christopher M | 07.30.2018
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London Spitfire Win The Overwatch League 2018 Grand Finals

London Spitfire beat the Philadelphia Fusion and take home the title of champions of the Overwatch League Inaugural Season Grand Finals
Christopher M | 07.29.2018
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GamingIndie Gaming

36 Hours Long 'Splitgate: Arena Warfare' Playtest

Get ready for 36 hours of uninterrupted game play August 4th & 5th
Christopher M | 07.27.2018
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GamingVideo Games

Fortnite Adds Birthday Challenges & Cosmetics In 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Birthday themed in-game cosmetics available to earn for a limited time as Fortnite celebrates its one year anniversary
Christopher M | 07.24.2018
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GamingFree Weekend

'Overwatch' Free Play Weekend, July 26th - 30th

Free-to-Play is back just in time for the addition of a new hero
Christopher M | 07.21.2018
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GamingVideo Games

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2018

The small fuzzy Eevee is set to be August's featured Pokemon
Christopher M | 07.20.2018
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