Opinionated Editorial Traditional Media Interfering With FaZe Banks Vs Team10

Christopher M
August 25, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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In the past we've seen what happens when traditional media tries to cover stories on online content creators. With Wall Street Journal as an example, their uneducated editorial caused the YouTube Adpocalypse, destroying the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of YouTube content creators around the globe.

The local Los Angeles Fox11 station recently reported on the allegations between Team10's Meg McPherson and FaZe Clan's Ricky Banks. These allegations are that Banks assaulted McPherson at the LA nightclub Warwick. However Team10 has been unable to show any hard evidence that backs up any of their claims, were Banks on the other hand has shown hard evidence. Team10's recall of the events that night have already changed three times.

Fox11's report showcases a Skype interview with Team10's Meg McPherson and Erika Costell, with the reporter stating, "McPherson says she managed to escape his grip, but not after the attack left her black and blue." The police report which has not yet been able to be proven true was also reported. McPherson made sure to show off her bruised neck on air, a bruise which current evidence released by a former Team10 member shows that it could not have been done by Banks.

Both the broadcasted and written report did not include an interview or message from Banks. Only a few quick snippets from Banks's first video on the current matter was used, which stated, "There's a possibility that I bumped into this girl, or you know, elbowed her in the neck or something, but obvious this wasn't intentional." Ending the report with, "Meantime Faze Banks says that the videos make him sound like a monster and earlier tweeted threatening legal action."

Now Banks has made several videos since then and Fox11's report gives the impression that Banks is trigger-happy and will immediately take legal action when he is criticized. Which should sound familiar as Banks is being portrayed here as Matt Hosseinzadeh from H3H3's DMCA lawsuit. A case where Hosseinzadeh sued H3H3 for copyright infringement when they criticised him and his videos, famously quoted from the case as, "a trigger-happy litigant who immediately activates his lawyers when he is criticized."

The issue with Fox11's report is that it magnifies one side of these allegations to a larger audience that will most likely never know the official proven outcome, thus creating a slander machine. Banks name will now forever be associated with assault even if he has been found innocent, leading to extreme difficulties for him. Difficulties trying to find a job, sponsorships, investments, relationships and so much more. The report also shows us how little research the Fox11 team actually did and how easy it is for rogue YouTubers to get air time on Tv if they have enough drama.

In the end this can hurt more people than just Banks, as many young girls will see what happens to Team10 when all of this is over. With many possibly choosing not to go public about be assaulted in fear of they will be publicly hated. With no hard evidence to back up the assault claims, Team10 would be the ones responsible for that.

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