Article The Internet Says Goodbye To Imzy

Christopher M
June 20, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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As the internet as a whole continues to expand everyday, some felt that it deserved better than what was currently out there. In 2015 this led to the birth of a new community website called Imzy. Led by Dan McComas, a former Senior Vice President of Product at Reddit, the goal was to, "rethinking the way communities exist on the Internet."

Many members were quickly posting thank you messages to the Imzy team and other fellow members before the "Read Only" mode cut off, which was last Friday June 16th. One user wrote, "Even though I was not the most talkative, I grew to appreciate the space, the people, and the energy that Imzy brought to the world. Thank you to the whole Imzy team, you did great work and made a real difference in many lives. Best of luck to everyone involved, and I hope to see most of you around the Discord and assorted expat communities around. Imzy, you will be missed."

Another saying, "Although I haven't been a member of Imzy for very long (I joined in January of this year), I have been struck by the civility, kindness and community feeling that Imzy has. In every community (even the political ones) members treat each other with decency and respect regardless of whether they disagree - this is in stark contrast to what I've seen and experienced in some subreddits on Reddit. After all, if you start patronising and insulting someone the conversation quickly breaks down; if you treat others with respect you end up with great discussions and a great community. Thank you so much to the Imzy staff for making such an amazing site and community possible, and thank you to everyone for being a great community. I hope to bump into you all on the internet somewhere."

The official blackout date has been set to June 22nd of this year. The Imzy team was contacted for a comment about the shutdown and how they think Imzy has help shape the future for community based websites, but have not replied back. However, in the wake of Imzy shutting down, some members have created new website to fill in the void and continue to interact with their fellow Imzy members. Campfire, Shuffle and Sapien (in private beta) are just a few top mentions that seem to continue to change the social media landscape as Imzy did.

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