Article Keemstar Accuses IGN Of Stealing Steven Suptic Style, Launching #BoycottIGN

Christopher M
June 20, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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On Monday, June 19th, YouTuber Keemstar posted a short video tweet on Twitter saying how the gaming news company IGN is stealing from smaller YouTube creators, in particular YouTuber Steven Suptic. "IGN literally stole Steven Suptic's style," Keem explains, "Steven Suptic has a completely different style of vlogging and it's awesome. So you see how there was a flash freeze and you see how he has the yellow text and he does the narration over the freeze. None of this stuff is original but the combination of all these elements is original and it is Steven Suptic."

The video causing this controversy is IGN's My First E3: The Hangover. A short 4 minute video about Rory Powers's, an IGN employee, experience at E3 2017. Now IGN is not new to being controversial and not for any good reasons. As many outlets have reported cases where IGN has repeatedly stolen videos, images and other content from game developers, artists and publishers. Adding the IGN watermark and republishing the content as their own.

"Do you see the flash freeze, the narration over. Oh look yellow text. IGN literally stole Steven Suptic's style. Steven Suptic almost has a million subscribers and not by clickbait, by actually making good f***ing content. Just to have a multi-million dollar f***ing corporation, IGN, steal is goddamn style."

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