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Christopher M
June 06, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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In a recent interview Joel Kinnaman had with The Hollywood Reporter about the latest season of House of Cards, some information about Suicide Squad 2 was leaked out. For those who are wondering, Kinnaman played as Rick Flag in the first Suicide Squad movie directed by David Ayer. Which debuted in theaters August of 2016.

When asked about the status of the Suicide Squad sequel and if he'll be in it, Kinnaman had this to say:

"As far as I know they're writing the script and I think the plan is to shoot it sometime in 2018, but that could change. I think I'll definitely come back for it."

And when asked about who Kinnaman would like to see direct the sequel:

"Ultimately, I'd love for David Ayer to direct it, but if he doesn't want to direct it then someone who is great with character and that's able to ground the story and maybe put these characters in a more normal situation. It would be really interesting to see these crazy characters interact with regular people as well."

Currently Ayer is set to direct DC's Gotham City Sirens and has some competition when it comes to being picked to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. Guy Ritchie and Mel Gibson are both expressing interest, with Gibson confirming he was in talks with Warner Bros. about directing the sequel.

Hopefully Warner Bros. and DC can lock in a director and get production started on Suicide Squad 2.

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