Article YouTube Punishes Smaller YouTuber For Exposing DaddyOFive's Content

Christopher M
May 04, 2017, 12:00amEDT
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Over the past few week the DaddyOFive YouTube channel has been in a huge amount of controversy surrounding major child abuse accusations. Accusations that let to the parents losing custody the two younger children shown in their videos, a major win for most of the internet . But when it comes to real life drama with online content creators, the news spreads fast. Large and small channels alike where reporting and sharing videos of the child abuse. This has led to many smaller channels being slapped on the wrist with video takedowns and as far as strikes against their entire channel from YouTube itself.

A channel named Ragestew is just one of many that have received strikes from YouTube, as well as having their video taken down completely. The Deleted Videos of DaddyOFive, created to help shed more light on the accusations and show raw footage from DaddyOFive videos was taken down from YouTube due to the "inappropriate content" shown in it.

"I uploaded a video called The Deleted Videos of DaddyOFive. In the video I showed a bunch of clips, the same clips that Philip DeFranco showed on his channel, of the kids you know slapping each other, of the kids getting slammed, ah the dad punching Cody on the arm. And the purpose of me showing these clips was to provide commentary and criticism and bring attention to what was going on. Hey this channel with 750,000 subscribers is uploading videos that are basically child abuse and they're not being taken down. Nothing is being done about it. So I made a video trying to bring attention to this, hey guys looked how f***ed up this channel on YouTube is. Check out these clips I got from the video. This is f***ed up. Let's make sure something is done about this. ... So the video that I uploaded where I talked about the DaddyOFive abuse had about 15,000 until yesterday. That's because yesterday I received a community guideline strike by YouTube saying that the video was being taken down for inappropriate content. You know the kids hitting each other and getting abused and stuff, yea turns out that's not allowed to be on YouTube."
- Ragestew (Youtube is DELETING MY CHANNEL for DaddyOFive Videos)

YouTube has taken down videos from other channels that show DaddyOFive's videos for being "inappropriate" but have not touched the original videos still up on the DaddyOFive YouTube channel. Which only continues to show that YouTube is broken when it comes to regulating its content. Ragestew has turned to social media and the YouTube community to help remove the strike from the channel, asking them to share around their story.

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