Article FouseyTube Making Money Censoring Colossal And The YouTube Community!

Christopher M
October 25, 2016, 12:00amEDT
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FouseyTube, the quoted "Family man", "College Graduate" and "The Good Friend" has yet again caused more controversy. Yesterday, Monday October 24, the Youtuber Pyrocynical released a new video going over this controversy. The video, called "FouseyTube: An Alternate Agenda" explains how FouseyTube claimed and taken down a video that Colossal Is Crazy made criticizing him as well as taking all its revenue. As Pyrocynical states,

"Quite recently FouseyTube has been doing some really scummy sh*t. A good friend of mine Colossal Is Crazy quite recently uploaded a video about FouseyTube. Instead of criticizing one or two videos Colossal went the extra mile and analyzed his entire channel. Breaking down which pranks were real, which were fake, and other scummy sh*t he's done in the past. Now this is the point where I'm supposed to say it's a great video, check it out, links down below. But unfortunately I can't do that because this c*nt took it down."

Source: FouseyTube: An Alternate Agenda

Now Colossal Is Crazy's video, titled "FouseyTube in alternate reality" was about 40 to 50 minutes in length, putting months worth of effort into it. But FouseyTube taking down Colossal Is Crazy's video is not what made this so controversial, its what FousetTube did before the video was removed from Youtube.

"But anyways I digress because we need to talk about how you boy Yusuf Rat took down Colossal's video. Now FouseyTube originally claimed Colossal's video so the video stayed up, all revenue generated from the video was sent to FouseyTube. And of course the claim wasn't FouseyTube himself, it was "fouseyTUBE Entertainment".

And obviously Colossal wasn't happy with this so pretty much instantly he appealed the claim. Now Fousey isn't responding, so wahts now is a timer starts ticking. You've got to wait 30 days or a month and if Fousey doesn't interact with the claim at all, it will be restored. Clown will get all the money sent back to his channel."

Now what FouseyTube did defies those other two points and it is completely scummy. Your boy Yusuf waited 29 days and 20 hours. Four hours until the claim expired and then he denied it, so the video got taken down. But also he got 29 days and 20 hours worth of revenue from the video. So not only did he unfairly strike the video but he took all the revenue from it as well."

Source: FouseyTube: An Alternate Agenda

Now Colossal Is Crazy's video was closed to about one million views. To recap, Colossal Is Crazy made a legitimate video criticizing FouseyTube and got it unfairly claimed by FouseyTube's company, with them possibly getting all the revenue generated by the video. Then waited till the last four hours of the counterclaim countdown to deny it, remove the video from YouTube and take all the revenue made in the 29 days it was up. Now Procynical called and interviewed Colossal Is Crazy over this whole thing and this is part of the interview with Colossal Is Crazy, the taken-down video creator.

"Well I think he strike me because he thought he could get away with it. And he didn't like what I had to say in my video. Mostly because everything I said was true and I think hit home with him a bit. And obviously Leafy [LeafyIsHere] and people like that have done 4, I believe 5, FouseyTube videos and has never had a problem with FouseyTube. But because I was a small Youtuber he thought he could get away with it. And hence why he ah he strike me... he waited till the very very last day, last moment I believe, don't quote me on this but, but I believe there was four hours left on the clock before he could, before the video was going to go back up or he had to strike it. So I don't believe he did it for money, he doesn't f*cking need it. But it was just a petty and malicious revenge, a way of getting back at me, and that's why he did it. This isn't about money for FouseyTube anymore this is just about, it's just really petty way of getting back at me because everything I said in the video was true and it hit home, it hit him hard."

Source: FouseyTube: An Alternate Agenda

In a way FouseyTube is censoring media on him. Meaning the only thing you hear about him is what he wants you to hear. This is extremely bad, demonstrating to upcoming YouTubers and other content creators that you can silence anyone you want if you don't like what they are saying. Example, you could do something illegal or very very scummy and get away with it because you can stop anyone from publicly talking about it.

Now FouseyTube and others can only do this on YouTube right? No, if you have a big enough fan base, you can smear and have your fan base defend you. Causing any sort of controversy to be watered down to he said she said arguments. This has been seen plenty of times with the YouTuber KeemStar.

Now when asked about FouseyTube, Colossal Is Crazy had this to say,

"He's very self-aware of what he's doing to a certain extent. He knew what he was doing by striking my video. He plays this I'm a really nice guy, I'm a f*cking superhero, I'm earthworm Jim. But behind the scenes he's a very manipulative character. A nasty piece of work and unfortunately with his fans because they've been brainwashed for several years, all they see is this nice guy, this motivational speaker which is what he wants to do. That's his ultimate dream to become a motivational speaker. That's what they see in him. But it's really, at the end of the day just f*cking brainwashing. You know there's a scene at the end, I always hated this f*cking, or I like the movie but I always the ending to it. It's called the "Wolf Of Wallstreet" with Leonardo Dicaprio, and it was a good movie but he's bit of a c*nt the character he's portraying the movie is a complete c*nt. Gets away with sh*t for years and years and years and then at the end it's like a happy f*cking ending he becomes a motivational speaker and even though he should be in f*cking prison, he's preaching values to other people. It's like that was the happy ending and that always f*cking pissed me off because this was a c*nt that did sh*t to so many people ruin so many people's lives etc etc etc, and now he's just he's now promoting positivity and it's f*cked and that you see that and that's what FouseyTube is gonna to do I'm gonna just be genuinely pissed because he's not a good person. He's an evil f*ck that manipulated a child with brain cancer to further his own perverse agenda. He's a sick sick f*ck..."

Source: FouseyTube: An Alternate Agenda

Now to recap Colossal's statement on FouseyTube, FouseyTube is very manipulative character who used a child with brain cancer to continue to further brainwash his community that he is a very positive good man and that he is a real motivational speaker.

Pryrocynical, who was the one to break this story to the internet, created a GoFundMe page for Colossal Is Crazy to help give him what revenue he lost on his video by FouseyTube. In a little more than 24 hours the page has received over 5,426 pounds, or 5,907.56 US dollars, in donations. The set goal was 1,500 pounds, so the support for them community has been way overwhelming. Now in a video released today titled "Talking About Money", Pyrocynical stated that the extra money donated past the set goal will go to charities.

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