Markiplier Hacked Too?! Is The Gaming World Being Hacked By OurMine?


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2017 The Hacker Group OurMine Is Starting To Hack Its Way To The Public Image. Markiplier Hacked Too?! Is The Gaming World Being Hacked By OurMine? Markiplier Hacked Too?! Is The Gaming World Being Hacked By OurMine?
Christopher M
January 12, 2016
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Playstation, Minecraft, Searge, Yamimash and Vikkstar123 are just some of the names that were recently hacked by the hacker group OurMine. Their latest target today, the popular gaming YouTuber Markiplier! Around 10am EST this morning OurMine uploaded a video to Mark's channel with the title "Hacked By OurMine Team (Twitter: @Our_Mine )" then tweeting it on their Twitter profile.

Mark's community of 11 million subscribers were quick to respond back to them. The demanded that they give the channel back to Mark. In response, they tweeted ".@markiplier if you want your channel back , dm us!"

Around 11:15amEST OurMine uploaded a second video titled "Hacked By OurMine Team - Twitter @Our_Mine.mp4" to the Markiplier channel. Withen minutes the video had 100s of thousand of views and angry comments from Mark fans.

Around 12:30pmEST both videos were taken down by YouTube saying "This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service." A petition when up shortly after OurMine uploaded their first video on the channel. The Petition name "Get the OurMine hackers shut down." petitions Twitter & YouTube to quote:

Please get the OurMine hackers shut down. It is unfair they are allowed to do this to innocent people, People that donate to charity get hacked, it is just wrong, please do something about this.


The petition ,at the time of me writing this article, has over 3,200 signatures and seems to be continuing to grow. OurMine also release sensitive infomation about Mark's financials saying "Well, going to have fun with his money (JK) @markiplier". I will not be putting a link to this to protect Mark. But Markiplier wasn't the only one, the YouTuber Thinknoodles was also hacked. Thinknoodles tweeted "Guys, don't worry my account is fine. It appears someone's found a backdoor to @youtube to upload videos to people's accounts."

At 7pmEST, OurMine tweeted "People are saying " Give mark his channel back " i told him to contact me , but he don't want , so i cant do anything! @markiplier" & "We didn't change @markiplier Youtube password, so he can get it back!"

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